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Birth & Relationships
Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology

As a student of prenatal and perinatal psychology for the past 30 years, I have come to understand that the best way to solve recurring life problems is to start at the beginning. Events that occur in the womb and during the birth process can leave an imprint on your psychic instincts for survival. This is why problems reoccur over and over like a bad dream that won’t go away. Staying in survival mode helps us to survive but prevents a real flourishing in life. Examples of difficult birth experiences and how they can affect those being born include the following: 

  • Forceps Birth – People delivered by use of forceps may create situations where they get stuck and need rescuing. At times, forceps-delivered people can convey a deep sense of neediness.

  • C-Section Birth – People delivered by caesarean section may have a difficult time with decisions since they were never allowed or able to make the first major decision in their life – when to come out. C-section people may create interruptions and confusion.

  • Unwanted/Unplanned Birth – People born into a situation where their birth was unwanted or unplanned may have a very deep feeling of not being wanted by their mate and may overcompensate or reject the love being offered.

  • Gender-Opposite Birth – People who were born with the opposite gender from what their parents wanted or expected may go through life feeling wrong and may have an unreasonable need to be right.


Prenatal and Perinatal Birth Psychology can help unlock the doors to a richer, fuller life by helping release blockages on every level – emotional, mental, and spiritual, which are the unconscious triggers to unwanted negative actions and patterns.


But life need not be a never-ending struggle. Looking at and resolving unresolved birth issues through Breath Work and other simple but effective tools allows a whole new perspective to come into our awareness, and creates a solid foundation for a peace, happiness and successful relationships with yourself and others.


Being at choice with your deepest thoughts is a powerful, safe, and happy place to be.

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